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Here's a few great reasons to grab yourself a shirt!

We Support Psychedelic Therapy

30% of all our profits are donated to support psychedelic research and harm reduction.

We Support Artists

All our designs are original and created by artists in the psychedelic community!

We Don't Support Unfair Labor

Our products are made and printed in the USA, sweatshop free.

We’re on a Mission

PsychonautShop is a platform for artists to create awesome products, promote themselves, and help support the psychedelic community. We support psychedelic research and harm reduction by donating 30% of our profits to a different organization every month. We currently support: Heffter, MAPS and Zendo Project. 

We also love helping out up and coming artists. If you think your artwork would look cool on a shirt, check out our Contact Page.

Meet Our Team

Austin M.

Austin M.

Founder & web developer
Megan S.

Megan S.

Founder & Art Director
Austen S.

Austen S.

Web security & Financial Manager

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