Psychonaut Shop is a platform for artists to create amazing products, promote themselves, and help support psychedelic research. 30% of our profits are donated to Heffter Research Institute and MAPS, two non profit organizations dedicated to advancing psychedelic medical research. We also support harm reduction by donating to Zendo Project.

Why is psychedelic research important?

Even with limited funding, researchers have discovered some amazing things. Neuroscientists at the University of Sussex were able to prove that the brain reaches a higher state of consciousness when exposed to psychedelics. Researchers at the Zürich University Hospital for Psychiatry have been able to isolate specific neurochemicals and receptors that create the experience of “meaningfulness.” There is evidence that psychedelics can help us better understand and treat PTSD, cancer distress, depression, and addiction. This research is very exciting, but still vastly underfunded.


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